The Best Construction Accounting Software of 2023

The Best Construction Accounting Software of 2023

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This difference requires a unique set of controls surrounding materials, labor and work in process. Careful supply chain management and labor oversight are necessary to keep projects moving along. In the cash method, expenses and revenues are accounted for as and when they are paid and received, respectively. It does not follow the matching concept, and thus, no efforts are made to match the expenses against the incomes which incur them.

PCM capitalized cost method.This method applies mainly to residential construction. It allows contractors to report 70% of a contract under PCM and report the remaining 30% under any method, such as CCM or cash. If you happen to take a sub-contracting job in any one of the five states that treat contractors as resellers, make it a point to check out the state laws to see what your liability for state sales and use tax is when the prime contractor doesn’t pay. Remember, if the prime contractor files for bankruptcy or otherwise dissolves, you don’t want to get stuck paying an unplanned-for tax bill. Take note of how this deferral is an AMT preference and will impact the contractor’s tax liability. The definition of a residential construction contract is similar in definition to a home construction contract, except that “dwelling unit” is more broadly defined as a house or apartment used to provide living accommodations in a building or structure.


The contractor makes all reasonable efforts to terminate, assign, settle, or otherwise reduce the cost of such lease. When initial costs are included in the settlement proposal as a direct charge, such costs shall not also be included in overhead. Initial costs attributable to only one contract shall not be allocated to other contracts.

Revenue recognition and retainage practices track with long-term contracts paid over time. Exempt-contract PCM .Companies that aren’t required to use PCM may be able to use EPCM. This accounting method allows the use of any cost comparison method to determine the percentage of completion — such as comparing direct labor costs incurred to date to total estimated labor costs, or comparing the work performed on the contract with the estimated total work. As a construction contractor, you are generally responsible for paying sales tax on all supplies and materials at the time they are purchased. However, if your home state law is similar to that found in California, you may buy materials and supplies tax-free if they’re going to be used on a construction job out-of-state.

When is sales tax due on materials purchased for resale?

Use another account exclusively for payroll, and yet another to build a cash reserve. AccFlex constructions software is characterized by having a screen to link each contractor to his works, so the items can be divided as in the contract and link each sub-contractor to his works. Means all materials that are purchased for project implementation as construction materials (sand- cement- gravel- brick- carpentry materials plumbing materials- electricity materials etc.). From general contractors and specialty trade contractors, to highway and home builders and material suppliers, our expertise comes from supporting more than 600 diverse construction clients. When was the last time your audit provided insights that inform future of your company? We customize our audit process based on your unique needs to generate practical observations that can start transforming your company today.

Under a unit-price contract, the contractor bills a customer at a fixed price-per-unit rate. Typically, this will be useful if they aren’t able to estimate the unit production for the project with a lot of certainty. Unit-price billing is especially common among heavy-highway and utility construction companies.

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